How To Give A Killer Multi Level Marketing Presentation

More than likely you are reading this because at one time you were shown a killer multi level marketing presentation, and it sucked you into the business. Plus, you should know by now, the more eyes you get on your multi level marketing presentation, the more people you have in your network by default.
So it only makes sense to learn how to create, or deliver the best marketing presentation you possibly can. That’s why I want to share with you today “How To Give A Killer Multi Level Marketing Presentation”, so you can master the part of your business that brings the most results.

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The marketing presentation, in any business, is the first part of attracting your prospect to do business with you. It needs to dive deep into your prospects heart, deliver a message they want to hear, and provide a solution to a problem they sometimes don’t even realize they have.
I have seen many companies do well because of how good the marketing presentation is they deliver. I’ve seen others who couldn’t get any results at all because their marketing presentation didn’t work. I even remember one system that had a marketing presentation that converted 1% of their online views. With thousands a day seeing it, that 1% wasn’t that bad. They changed the presentation to one they thought would be better and that number decreased to 1 in about 3,000 views. So you need to really focus on delivering the best marketing presentation possible.


Here is the part of the marketing presentation you need to have early in the viewing. You need to “hook” them to want to finish the marketing presentation. You want to tell your audience how things were before you discovered the product/company, and try to relate to the pain your audience may be facing.
Then you tell what happened when you first found the company/product you are using in your multi level marketing presentation. Here is where you share the huge benefit and the results you got that has changed your life in a good way.

Where you share your story in the presentation will be based on how you choose to deliver it, who you are presenting for, and several factors. But putting your story into the marketing presentation (or a powerful true story of someone else) really does increase the results you get. Some people like to share their story first (such as live webinars) and some save it until the end (in home presentations). The more marketing presentations you put together and deliver, you will learn when the time is best.

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The pain is the problems your target audience is facing. The pain is usually the best hook as well. Everyone wants the pain gone, and if you provide a solution to this desired relief, you have a possible sell. Whatever your product does that benefits others, you must address it in a “pain” kind of way.
For example, if you sold vacation packages at a discount, you wouldn’t want to be focused on “look at all the great places you can go” early in the multi level marketing presentation. Instead, you would want to bring up the pain of the prospect such as:

  • Do you wish you could take your family to new places
  • Are you always tired of working and coming home and following the same routines

You need to address the issues that they are most likely thinking, and let them know it is a painful place to be. A solution to pain, is an almost for sure sale.


The solution is the part of the marketing presentation that will convert your prospect’s decision into buying. It is how you can put a stop to their pain. The solution is always your company opportunity or product. If you address the pain of your prospect well enough, the solution will be the part of the marketing strategy presentation that really convinces the prospect your company and product are the answer they need.


You always include in your marketing presentations the benefits of your company and product. This is like the icing on the cake so to say.
Now you have your prospect that realizes they have a problem or pain, you have the solution to that, and here are even more benefits to helping with fixing that pain. If you were in a weight loss company, you seen the “pain” questions above so now it is the benefit part of the marketing strategy presentation.

  • Have more energy
  • Lose weight
  • Fell better
  • Sleep better

Pointing out these benefits helps the prospect to realize they could use those benefits in their life. It’s almost like they didn’t even know they could do something about a problem they didn’t realize they even had.


Similar to the benefits, this is where you address the benefits of each benefit. This puts even more power on your solution to their pain.

  • Have more energy so you can play with your grandchildren as you always wished you could
  • Lose weight so you can finally fit in that dress you always wanted to wear

Point out a specific action that most people are thinking, or wishing they could do. You can point out benefits of having more time, money, or a product benefit. Once again, find what your product can fix, and use the product as an enjoyment and solution to a pain.


The sizzle is how the presentation is put together. Does it get your prospect excited? Does it really hit home? Does it have power?
If you have correctly addressed the pain and solution, plus benefits of your product and company, the sizzle is the excitement level in which you put the present the marketing presentation strategies. You can use images that grab your prospects attention, music that sets the mood (music is strong at putting a person in whatever mood you need them in — ever watch movies?) and the level in which your voice is at will increase or decrease numbers.
An example would be when you address the pain - show images of the problem with people in pain or unhappy. Really make the problem show for what it is. Plus set the music into a sad, or dark type of music so a person’s spirit will enter into the feeling in which you need them to be.
When it is time for the solution the images change into happier images, and the music is that which brings your spirit back up. This is how film makers get you into the mood they need you to be in their films. From here out, pay attention to the music in a film when people fall in love, or a sad scene appears, or the heavy metal that will play in a fight scene - this is all how to set the mood, and you need this in your presentation.


Here is an issue with marketing presentation strategies that can be different from time to time. That is “How long should the marketing presentation be?”
Since most people do not have attention spans long enough to go through every detail of a multi level marketing presentation, you do need to keep the marketing presentation as short as possible. This means you do want to address all the issues above, and put a lot of sizzle into the presentation.
You may need to work and keep track of your own results if you create a multi level marketing presentation, because it will help you determine if you can extend the presentation and add more, or if you need to trim some of the fat.
A good example is a multi level marketing presentation a system used (I was a member) that was pulling 1%. The marketing presentation was nearly 15 minutes long, and most people never stayed until the end. Most didn’t even get half way. But of those who watched the entire marketing presentation, 25% of them would buy an autoship and join the team, even without having spoke to anyone on the team yet. Those numbers went much higher when a person called the other prospects who didn’t finish.
Due to the lack of people finishing the multi level marketing presentation, the system decides to shorten it to get more people to the end, resulting in more signups. It did not have that effect however, because it did not address pain, or solution in this new and short presentation. So in this case, the longer presentation with music, images, testimonies, and time prevailed big over the quick and short one. This is why you have to keep track of your numbers.


In multi level marketing presentations, the one delivering the marketing presentation usually gets more signups than those who use the presentation. Once I began making my own marketing presentation strategies, and I was the voice on the marketing presentation, I began seeing many more results. Being the voice and face of the presentation makes you the expert and go to guy in the eyes of your prospect. Consider creating your own multi level marketing presentations, and testing your results.


You got to get your prospect to take action at the end of your marketing presentation strategy. It is best to use a strong sense of urgency, fear of loss, and deadline to take advantage of an offer. With some type of deadline to receive a certain benefit, you can create all of these. If a prospect feels they can just get started later, the odds are they will lose their excitement and change their minds or forget. Always give the prospect a reason to get started now.


When you give a multi level marketing presentation, remember the key pieces. Grab their attention fast with your story (or can be at the end),  address their pain, provide a solution, show them all the benefits, and benefits of the benefits. All the while creating a sizzle with good images, bullets and music. If you can create your own presentation, it may convert better for you than one that uses another voice.


If you got value, or this helps in any way, be sure to leave a comment below and share this on your favorite social media website, or with your team members.


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