10 Step MLM Traffic Formula: Generate Massive Traffic For Your MLM

So you decided to take your MLM business online, but you have no clue how to get people to actually visit your webpage or find you. No worries, because if it is MLM traffic you need, this blog post will help you learn new ways to develop massive traffic with a special MLM traffic formula. All you will need to do is learn the MLM traffic formula, and put as much time and effort into it as possible. The more you work the MLM traffic formula, the more the traffic will increase over time, eventually coming in on autopilot.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 1

The first step in order to generate traffic, is to find your niche. What are the products you offer? Who are the people that will be buying these products? Doing this will help you to know how to put all other steps in place. If you are in a wellness or weight loss MLM company, you know that people with health issues or people who want to lose weight will be the ones who you want to target.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 2

Now it’s time to create content. You simply can not rely on any webpages your MLM company gave to you. You want to create a blog that is targeted to your niche. Use this blog to answer questions that is in your niche. Solve problems your target market has, and bring value all according to what the niche is you decided in step 1.
The more often and more content you create, will increase your traffic. So keeping consistent with your content creation is important. Writing one post that hypes your company like most bloggers do, will give you no results. So use the blog to give massive value and help those who need your products or opportunity.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 3

By adding videos to your content, you can increase your MLM traffic in several ways.
First off, you can also get traffic from Youtube, or the other sites you upload your video too.
Second, it really increases your ranking in the search engines, helping you get more of the autopilot type traffic from the search engines.
It’s best when you create your own videos. Using just a simple webcam or smartphone, you can record yourself sharing the information of the blog content. Many people will just watch the video and determine to themselves if they read the entire page. This also keeps people on your site longer helping bounce rates.
Videos also can be slideshows, giving bullets of information. Many people use these if they are afraid of camera or use animated videos they build.
Now you can also promote your video on your Youtube channel in the same ways as the content or blog itself. Plus, run paid ads on other social media sites to increase the views and ranking of your video. The sky is the limit when you begin adding video to your blog posts.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 4

Now it is time to use free advertising. Free advertising (or simply low cost) can be the first step in helping you get more traffic to the content you created. From the content you lead prospects to your offers or webpages.
Use as many of the low cost and free advertising platforms as possible. The traffic converts better with paid sources, so upgrading is great to do for the most MLM traffic possible, and of course the most targeted too.

Use these MLM traffic sources below for low cost/free advertising:

LeadsLeap - Upgrade is recommended, but not needed to get traffic. This program will display ads of yours across several thousand websites and among other members in the platform.
You will receive daily payments (5% daily revenue for free members and 10% for pro members) that help with extra income.
You can also use their widget to place on your own content and blog to generate even more income (weekly payments of 15% for free and 30% for pro members)
You are also able to sell unused credits back to the program, or use for more visitors. This is why pro members get more traffic and make more money selling credits back. Credits are not needed for pro members, allowing you to sell all your credits back for cash.
Lastly their are referral commissions of 25% for free members and 50% for pro members. You also receive credits for your referrals activity increasing either income or traffic.

MLMGateway - This is a social media type platform that gives credits for daily activity. It is recommended for it’s ability to give you more content to publish (increases traffic) and targeted people to speak to about becoming business partners in your MLM company.
A subscription is recommended as it gives you way more options to generate more traffic from targeted visitors, with additional credits and more credits per each activity.
Use credits to run ads. The ads will be highly effective, and results are usually better than most. There is no learning curve on running ads like platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Everyone who sees these ads are targeted.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 5

Emailing your list is one of the best ways to getting re-visitors. Re-visitor traffic are the ones who are most likely to purchase from you, over and over again. This is your real traffic, and the traffic you basically own.

As you run ads and create content, be sure to build an email list you can send valuable emails to. Using AWeber is the best way to get the most inbox emails to your owned traffic. Using their web forms you can give away free gifts, or information in exchange for a name and email address. This is an important piece to collecting email leads.
Always have an offer on your blog that shows on every post you create. As your content gets more popular through consistency and advertising it, you will see a larger increase on daily opt-ins and email leads.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 6

Social Media is perfect for building up your MLM traffic and email list. In every message you send out, instead of trying to use the message as a way to get people to signup for things, use it as a conversation to share tips, strategies or value.
You should always leave a signature at the end of your social media messages, that includes name, email, phone number and website. Now with the website link, people will check you out. They will go to your blog, and some will even opt-in to an offer you never even had to mention to them.
I have seen several email leads come from simply talking to others on several different social media websites. Get them on the list, get re-visitors.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 7

Creating content for your own website is something we know now we need to do as often as possible. But if you really want to take it up another notch and get even more MLM traffic faster, then try writing more content using this MLM traffic formula tip below.

Write original piece of content on your website or your main blog (where we want all traffic to go). Then write additional pieces of content and each piece needs to be ran through the same steps as your main piece of content.
However, the video can be the same in all pieces of content. This helps with the videos views anyway, and builds traffic through Youtube. But you want to promote the content from each source just as you would the original content.
Have a link at the bottom of each new piece of content leading back to the original content.
Be sure not to write the same content on any of the new pieces. Using a spinner, or simply just re-writing new words can help. Here are some more places to help you get more content out for SEO purposes and organic MLM traffic:

WordPress - original blog and main website
Blogger - Google friendly, ranks well on Google search engines.
IBOtoolbox - Press Releases of only 250 words needed for more traffic.
MLMGateway - Business Announcements for more traffic and extra advertising.
Linkedin - High Authority site that allows you to write content on it - also great for social marketing traffic
Stumbleupon - Share your main content on this website, no need for new to be written. Share other content on it as well.
Tumblr - Use Tumblr to write new content or link to existing content.
Guest Writing - You can find as many places as you possibly can to write content on already high traffic sources. If you are excepted, this can really increase your MLM traffic and name.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 8

SEO is a big factor in creating the best quality traffic possible. Learning SEO is not as hard as you may think, and can be learned by just about anyone who wishes to know how.
While you are writing content for your main website, and the other pieces that lead to your main site, using SEO strategies is going to produce the most traffic possible, and the most leads and sells.
Posting On Purpose For Profit will teach you more on SEO and ways to increase organic MLM traffic before it even hits the top page of the search engines. This course is where I learned SEO and has made me a lot of income from content creation. Pick it up and use the information with all your content to see faster, better, and more profitable results.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 9mlm-traffic-formula

Paid advertising is going to get you the fastest results possible. If you can not afford to use paid advertising, then it should be on the list to use as soon as your income can allow.
Using Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, you can find several re-peat buyers by sending them to your content through ads.
Not knowing how to properly use ads can be a lot of wasted advertising dollars. Yet, understanding and becoming good at paid advertising can lead to profit in every campaign you run.
As soon as you are ready for running paid advertising, be sure you obtain this ultimate Facebook Advertising Course. What you learn there will teach you to put together your ads for best results, how to avoid your ad from getting shutdown, and prevent you from getting your entire page shutdown.
The basic concept taught in this course is also the same basic concept to use on any other paid advertising source you use.

MLM Traffic Formula: Step 10

Retargeting your visitors needs to be part of your plan from the beginning. This will make your paid ads go even further, and convert up to 5 times as many sells and leads.
This is simply allowing you to track who visits your website/blog, which pages, and what actions they took on those pages. By knowing who has not opted-in, or who has purchased or not upgraded, you can run the most targeted ad to the right person.
No need anymore to waste money on an ad that is setup to generate leads from your blog. If a person is already a lead, they will never see the ad. They will only see the ad that promotes the product they have visited or are thinking of buying.
To get the full effect of retargeting, watch the video on Retargeting Pixels. There you will learn how to retarget your traffic for the most revisitors, leads and sells possible.

MLM Traffic Formula: Bonus Tip

Now you have a basic concept and 10 steps to create your MLM traffic formula. But if you really want to increase this traffic into leads, more income, and more MLM signups, watch this video here.

By allowing yourself to create professional funnels, opt-in landing pages and even blogs, you will see a large increase in your email leads. This video shows you a system to use that can help you brand yourself, using the most professional tools, and offering you the most possible ways to earn commissions on your niche.

Watch The Video Now to get the best understanding of why you will want to use a full blown lead generation system to build your MLM business.


How’s that for some MLM traffic tips?

If you learned new MLM traffic ideas, or if this opened your mind to how you will generate more traffic, please leave a comment below and share. By letting your MLM team read this, you can increase their results as well.

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