10 Ideas To Get Your Network Marketing Business Noticed

Most network marketers may feel like no one knows they exist as a business. Only those who they have told, which are mostly friends and family, are aware they are even there. So when an unnamed individual goes online, or is searching for a network marketing business to start up, the odds are they will never know to even contact you if you fall into this category.

In today’s post we will cover 10 ideas to help you get your network marketing business discovered, and help you get those easier to convert leads. The basic overall of getting discovered is simply making a lot of noise online. So with that in mind, take the following 10 ideas and be the one who does the most of them. This is how you begin getting discovered by the most people possible.

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Idea #1: Blogging

Blogging, or having your own self branded blog, is almost unavoidable for getting the “ready to signup” prospects. It is your store, so to say. The idea behind blogging is to add new content onto it as often as possible, everyday if possible. Over time, perhaps a few months blogging daily, you most likely will begin seeing it’s small effects. Continue on, continue writing valuable content, and it will become larger than life.

Idea #2: Videos

By using videos in your promoting, you can start your own channel on Youtube. Youtube has the 3rd largest search engine in the world, so it’s very wise to be visible on it.
But by adding a video to every blog post you write, like this blog has, it will increase traffic to your blog from Youtube and to your channel from your blog.
Video is the best way to gain trust of prospects as well. Seeing your face, hearing your voice, and feeling a connection with you will increase your success. Always add new videos to your arsenal each time you write new content.

Idea #3: Article Marketing

Not the same as having a blog, but used for the same reasons. By writing articles on as many sources as possible, you can lead several readers from other websites to you.
By having an offer on your blog, you can mention the offer in your articles. Share the same valuable content you have on your blog, on another website. Never word for word of course. But perhaps in the start or the end of the article, mention in a P.S line about the offer you have on your blog. This turns a few readers everyday into your website traffic and leads.

Idea #4: Audio Marketing

Here is the one many marketers never even think to do. But having audio recordings of interviews, podcasts, etc, and loading them to a soundcloud.com profile, you now have another source for getting search engine traffic, and of course traffic from soundcloud.
Many of your audio recordings over time may begin popping up in search engines directly to soundcloud. Since soundcloud has a good standing with Google, it is wise to add new audio clips of valuable content to your profile as often as possible.

Idea #5: Cold Calling Prospects

Say what? I thought the reason for this was to keep from doing this? - Well if you want to get to high status much faster, this should be on your startup list.
By using “MLM Recruit On Demand” or any way you find your prospects, you can keep speaking to like-minded people who very similar to yourself. One thing, you will get some direct signups from prospecting, and the other is all the email leads added to your list, and the new readers to help drive your blogs and videos up the search engines.
Even though this idea is the most “scary” for most, it is the most effective, and the fastest way to making money in network marketing. Using the “MLM Recruit On Demand System” makes it much simpler, and keeps you talking, and inviting only people who like network marketing.

Idea #6: Social Media Groups

By joining groups related to your niche, you can keep a flow of traffic to your videos and blogs. Simply let these groups know when you have content, or something of value to share.
The idea of course is to join as many targeted groups as possible, and post as often as possible into them. Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ have several groups that are targeted for our niche, and even your MLM company’s product niche. Use them to offer value, not spam. This will set you apart from most, and bring you lots of business in time.

Idea #7: Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are useful, if used the right way. They work well for landing pages, and generating a few leads. So using them to the most possible amount will bring you the most possible results from them.
Most of the time, you only want to advertise offers, or pages that will capture your email leads. But, with a very unique traffic exchange called “LeadsLeap” you can add your blog posts to help drive quality traffic to your new posts.
LeadsLeap will help with traffic, and will be a source of daily revenue to come in from the shares they pay out. Anytime you get an advantage like this, take it. Use the money to get more from Idea #8.

Idea #8: Solo Ads

Using solo ads to drive traffic to your offers is best. There are several people who have already established a large email list, and will email for you for a price.
Running solo ads will be a fast way to get “buyer” leads to outside offers you have, and turn those leads into possible network marketing partners as well. The most successful network marketers don’t always get their business directly from the company itself, but from selling products that pay commissions to other networkers. From there, build the relationship.
Using Udimi is the best way to find the right vendor for solo ads. It is also the only place to get other marketers results from the vendors who sell.

Idea #9: Live Broadcasting/ Webinars

If there is one thing that can gain a prospect’s trust and liking more than creating videos, it is live broadcasting. With all the same benefits as video, live broadcasting gets a prospects attention more.
Using Facebook Live, Periscope, or hosting your own webinars, you can build a list of email leads, and even interact with them. Webinars are the highest converting source for online offers. So use them as much as possible, and build yourself re-peat buyers, and even fans.

Idea #10: Online Classifieds

One of the first ideas many take to, but get little from. The best way to use classifieds, is to target the network marketer instead of running an ad looking for distributers.
Most top earners have funnels, and capture pages to gather leads. So use these on the classifieds, and run the ad that will attract a struggling marketer. As they scan through the classifieds to get ideas for their own, they usually read your ad since it can help them.
The idea to get the most opt-ins from classifieds, is to run as many ads, in as many listings, in as many places, on as many sites as possible.

10 Ideas TO Get Your Network Marketing Business Noticed Overview

To make all of these ideas work, you need to do a lot of each. Pick a few that you can get the hang of before moving or adding the others. Make a lot of noise in all of them, and you will begin seeing more results, more quickly.

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Take the test drive today, and you will have a huge advantage over most network marketers.

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  • gunnar

    Reply Reply November 1, 2016

    I saw your press release and t brought me to your blog. These actauly look very interesting i’m going to try these on IBO!

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply November 1, 2016

      Thanks a lot Gunnar. I do write a lot of content over on IBO as well, and other places. Glad it helped.

  • Warren Contreras

    Reply Reply November 1, 2016

    As usual Jaye, you have it all packaged up and delivered with style. It reminds me of a fun experience I had combining #2 and #4 to create a video slide show combined with a Podcast to put up on YouTube. There was no marketing message, but visitors were tempted to dig around my channel and that is not all bad. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply November 2, 2016

      And thanks for your comment Warren. Perhaps now there is 11 ideas!

  • Tony Hamilton

    Reply Reply November 1, 2016

    Wonderful and very detailed post Jaye,

    Thank you so much for sharing these 10 ideas to get our network marketing business noticed.

    I do blog, article market and utilize Social Media but I now know that I need to look into possibly implementing solo ads, live broadcast / webinars and Online classifieds as well.

    Thank you Jaye for sharing your expertise with us all as we appreciate your advice my Friend,


    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply November 2, 2016

      Awesome Tony. The more you put into play, of course the more results you will be seeing. Thanks for coming by!

  • Robin Robinson

    Reply Reply November 2, 2016

    Thanks Jaye, these 10 great ideas give us some good options on how to Network and market our business. And we can start with whatever we’re more comfortable doing. You also point to us to great resources to help us automate the different task we have to do to so we can spend that time Networking and marketing our business. Colleges, not to long ago began to offer classes on Internet Marketing. But I’m sure their offerings aren’t nearly as thorough and accurate as what I’m getting here from your Blog and the IBO Advanced Marketing Strategies Webinars.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply November 2, 2016

      I am very happy to hear that. Thanks for letting me know Robin!

  • Leonard

    Reply Reply November 2, 2016

    Hi Jaye. Just watched your video and i must admit those are very handy tips. I have a question for you. I have been working on a whiteboard presentation. How effective are they?

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply November 6, 2016

      They work, indeed. I assume you are speaking of an “in person” presentation? If you are good with them, they are very effective.

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