How To Speak To More People


A training webinar I recorded on October 28th, 2014. I discuss how to speak to more people so you can find more mlm leads, and network marketing leads. If you want to master mlm lead generation, or network marketing lead generation, view this training for more info and tips.

I covered how to find more leads for your network marketing business, how to invite people to your presentations so more will show up, and I show you how you can learn to become 300% more productive in the time you already spend in your business with the “23 Productivity Secrets”


After viewing the training on lead generation, be sure you get your copy of the “23 Productivity Secrets” by 6 figure earner Adam Chandler.

This course may not be available for such a low price for long. This is thousands of dollars worth of education bundled into a course you can own for less than the cost of lunch at your favorite fast food chain. This course will take what you learn in “How To Speak To More People” and triple your results from learning the “23 Productivity Secrets”

Did you get value from this webinar and course? If so, leave a comment below and share this with your team. The more they can produce in their business only means more success for you.

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  • John Ledingham-Smith

    Reply Reply November 5, 2014

    Hi Jaye
    I opened my Linkedin and your message got my attention “How to speak to more people” and boy oh boy was that great For just over an hour I could not stop writing. I got involved into network marketing or relationship marketing as they call it today means the same. The company that impressed me is called Momentis International you probably have heard of them they are throughout US and North America. They launched here in the UK late October 2014 and have not really taken off yet but the scope to compete with the Big 6 Utility providers is enormous over 66 million households. My problem I have exhausted all my friends and family in fact some days I think I’m speaking a different language!! they just not interested and more to the point I cannot get them as customers to save on their utility bills. Your 61 minute presentation intrigued me. I have looked at and purchased network marketing info and they all seem to be the same but your’s is different I hope I am not to late to receive your gift Todd Falcone Recruit Leaders. I am also going on to your site to purchase Adam Chandler “23 Productivity Secrets” I will also register for your news letters.

    Have a great week and look forward to receiving Todd Falcone’s gift!!
    Kind regards


    PS I’m interested in knowing more.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply November 6, 2014

      First off John, thanks for such a great comment. I am glad you got your copy of Adam’s course, it will be of much use to you. I will get with you in private on the Falcone gift. I will see what I can do.

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Reply Reply November 6, 2014

    Loved Adam’s “23 Productivity Secrets”

    Since using Adam’s strategies I’m more productive in 2 hours than I am in 8 hours…

    Dr. Lisa

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply November 6, 2014

      Same here Lisa, it has been a great course, and for so little, it’s the perfect first course for a newbie!

  • Brian McDaniel

    Reply Reply November 6, 2014

    Adam’s secrets do rock. Good to see you training Jaye.

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