Blitz Marketing For Network Marketers, MLM And Independent Home Business Owners

If you are a home business owner or in network marketing, you may have been told about blitz marketing. But do you know how to blitz market successfully? Or do you have the courage to stick it out for the full 30, 60 or 90 day blitz network marketing strategy? In today’s blog, I will share with you the advantages of blitz marketing, why it works, and how to overcome any obstacles that may prevent you from going all in.

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The Advantages Of Blitz Marketingblitz-marketing

It may be easy to see the advantages of blitz marketing for many, but for some, they may not quite understand why they should do this.
Let’s consider what happens when a person uses blitz marketing, and the results they can possibly achieve. By blitz marketing, you simply plan to spend your day calling prospect after prospect, talking to as many people as possible. By doing this, of course you get more people saying “no” but you also get more people saying “yes” to looking at your presentation.
We know the more people who see your company’s presentation, will mean the more people who signup with you in your business. You already know that network marketing, and any business as a matter of fact, are based on numbers. Now consider this number ratio below to know why most people will give up in home business before they find success:

  • 80% of network marketers will not speak to more than 3 people about their business
  • 80% of first sales occur on the 12th to 15th contact

With this stat in mind, it simply shows why most fail. They just do not speak to enough people about their business or opportunity. So blitz marketing will be sure to take care of that problem as you should speak to more than 15 people every day.

blitz-marketingWhy Does Blitz Marketing Work?

In order to become a leader in network marketing, or any industry to that matter, you need to lead by example. When you are blitz marketing, several factors come into hand.
First off, the numbers such as explained above, come into your favor. You speak to so many, someone here and there becomes a business partner with you.
Second, when your new downline sees you doing well, and prospecting on a daily basis, they tend to stay with you. Many network marketing opportunities have benefits of being sponsored by someone who brings in new business consistently.
Third, people in your downline will follow your example. If they see you blitz marketing, and see your success, they too will want to blitz often.
Since success loves speed, blitz marketing is the most powerful way to build a home business for either the newbie or the professional.

How To Overcome Obstacles In Your Blitz Marketingmarketing-blitz

One thing for sure, when you have decided you are going to market blitz call, the issue begin flying at you in ways you weren’t expecting.
First off, life gets in the way. Go here, go there, take kids to school, etc. But when you fully commit to do a market blitz strategy, you must be able to overcome those issues. If you must be somewhere, you plan time around it. For me, not much gets in the way, but upcoming jury duty must be planned around (yea I got the summon in the mail). In order to overcome the things that are more simple, have it pre-planned on how you will get around it. Consider all the daily buties you have, and change the times, have someone in the family take care of it for you, or cancel it all together. Just don’t wait til you begin blitz marketing to realize you have to stop 10 times a day.

Second off, the fear issue kicks in for newbies. Yes, so many are pumped the night before the blitz market begins, and they are all excited about the change of income in the next 3 months, and then all of sudden when it’s time to begin, the phone is just too heavy to pick up.
The only way to beat fear is to face it. But these suggestions may help you face it if you need help:

  • Do not plan out a conversation before it starts
  • Do not worry about what the other will say
  • Do not judge your next call by how the call before went
  • Do not become attached or emotional about the outcome

Those suggestions are going to help you get through the fear. Just know once you have made your first few calls, it gets easier with every call there after. It took me two or three calls to get the nervousness to go away. Now it is second nature to call complete strangers.

Increase Your Numbers With Better Prospects

When you decide you will work a 90 day blitz network marketing strategy, you may not only work more and better with speaking to the right people, but also get a higher conversion rate.

This is why I use the MLMROD system for blitz marketing. You can speak to only people who have said “yes” to network marketing at least once in their life. They know how it works, they are more open to finding something they like, and since they “get it” you do not get the resistance or rudeness that some lead companies give you with their opportunity leads. hey, when they understand that it is an opportunity and not a job, and are okay with that, you should easily see why the numbers can increase.

Watch This Video to get more information on how MLMROD can help your blitz marketing campaign.

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  • Rene Miller

    Reply Reply February 8, 2016

    Very insiteful Jaye; and inspiring. I left a comment about you and Blitz Marketing on FaceBook for people to check it out. I am not sure I have ever heard of Blitz Marketing however, but it sounds a whole lot like direct sales. To contact your perspective sales by cold calling is what they used to do when I worked in a direct sales advertising firm; I was their accountant for about 33 years, give or take a few.
    I have heard of cold calling before as that is what our reps did when they were setting up appts to go out and try to make a sale. So Blitz and Cold Calling both sound kind of the same; lots of calls to talk to prospective clients. There was a whole lot of meat in this particular post; alot to consume. So, I will be back! Thanks.

    • Jaye Carden

      Reply Reply February 12, 2016

      Awesome Rene. Yes, it sounds like you know a lot about it that you didn’t realize at first. Thanks for the comment, and hope to see you again soon! Thanks for sharing this as well!

  • Tendai

    Reply Reply March 28, 2016

    Thanks a lot Jay, this is really great and very helpful . I am in love with this !!!!

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