MLM Recruiting Secrets: 5 Major Tips To Recruit More

If you are trying to figure out what it is that some people are doing to recruit so many people into their MLM business, then read this post on MLM Recruiting Secrets: 5 Major Tips To Recruit More.

MLM Recruiting Secrets

Unless you have numerous amounts of new leads coming in every day, you are  probably going to have to learn these 5 tips on MLM Recruiting Secrets I share  here. You will want to get to the point where you have 1,000 leads a day, but for  now, just learn these 5 tips and you will see a major difference in your MLM  business.

MLM Recruiting Secrets #1: Be Professional

This may be a “duh” moment for you. But I want to define what it means to be  professional. Knowing how to present yourself properly is a first step. Without  this, you can defeat every purpose of all the other tips.

First off, always dress like you are already big. Never show up to a meeting or to recruit someone wearing clothes like you don’t care. You must be clean and looking sharp. If you can’t care about your appearance, why would someone think you care about your business?

Also being professional is having great posture. Posture can really be a turn on to someone watching you present your opportunity. It makes you look as a leader. As someone who can help them get to the next level. This is all about being professional.


MLM Recruiting Secrets #2: Cold Market Recruiting

We are always told when we join MLM companies and teams, to go tell everyone you know. There is nothing wrong with this at all. Some have done well this way. But most people will quit because of the rejection they will get from those they know. They realize quickly that the ones they have known their whole life aren’t as supportive of this new idea or excited about it as they were. So you need to be ready to approach cold market as soon as possible.

By working with people you don’t know, it makes it much easier to be professional in their eyes. If you have good posture, they will assume you’ve done this for a while and are successful already. Much different than the warm market. So you need to learn how to make as many leads as you can, and be prepared to talk to strangers.

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MLM Recruiting Secrets #3: Create Your Own Leads

Leads are the life blood of the MLM business. You must have new people at all times to speak to. But at first you may find yourself having to buy leads once your warm market has met it’s end. There is nothing wrong with buying leads, but you will find yourself talking to many people who waste time and a lot of money getting wasted. So creating leads as quick as you can will make you much more profits.

You can use the video above to find new leads or CLICK HERE to see it. Use those 10 ways to the best of your ability and do not be afraid to contact them. This fits in with the #2 MLM recruiting secrets of cold market. There are many free ways to find new leads, and paid ways that will make each lead a little less than what you will buy them for. Just know that the more targeted your lead is, or the more qualified the leads are, the higher the result. You need to spend time talking with people who are more serious, and less with those that are just wanting free stuff.


MLM Recruiting Secrets #4: Paper Application

This MLM Recruiting Secrets works with any company that offers a binary payment plan in any of it’s compensations. This is simply where you keep a list of all people who said they are interested, but not now or they haven’t committed yet.

When you do hit your mark, and get someone interested and ready to sign up, you simply take their information down on paper instead of applying it into the website. This way you can simply call the ones who are in Limbo and tell them something like this: “Mary decided to get started today, but since I spoke with you first, I wanted to give you the chance to get in before Mary so she will be on your team”

This gives a reason to get started just a little more. And you don’t have to stop at just one. This goes on until you got a decision from everyone possible. If it works correctly, you will be spending a lot of time putting people’s info into your back office. But it’s well worth it!


MLM Recruiting Secrets #5: Use The Right Tools

Yes. Using the correct tools can be the way to find leads, recruit more, and build your online presence. I can share some of the easiest tools to use, and the ones to get a start in now.

First use what I call the Facebook of MLM, or IBOToolbox. This website is a great, and free, way to network, learn, and get yourself free advertising. It has a numerous amount of new traffic daily, and this traffic is mostly non-members. So this should be used immediately. CLICK HERE to begin at IBO.

Tools can help you reach maximum levels with whatever angle you are trying to take. The website above is a great tool and offers many great tools such, even a way to have a capture page, and get blogs ranked. This is big for the beginner or the professional.

You may also need to consider an Auto-Respondor. This is so you can begin building a list of email addresses for both recruiting leads, and customers, and have them stored in a place that can get through spam filters, and it’s a one email to send to all! Saves a lot of time, plus you can personalize it. Write one email, hit send, everyone knows your offer or invite. The best AR to use is AWeber. Try it for just $1 and see for yourself. CLICK HERE to start your AR.

Having the correct tools will be like setting yourself up to win. All professional use ARs and as many websites as possible to generate new leads. But my most highly recommended site to use, is the MLSP Academy.

Use MLSP Academy to learn everything you need to know about MLM, marketing, affiliate marketing, and much more. This course and program helped me go from under $400 a month in earnings to replacing 3 part time jobs in just 3 months. This is a tool for those who are dead serious about becoming a professional marketer. CLICK HERE to learn more.


I hope this has helped you gain more knowledge towards what it is you must do to begin recruiting more reps, and building a giant MLM business. The MLM Recruiting Secrets I share above are the ones I used and it has changed everything. It will take time to build momentum, but if you use the secrets, and the tools I listed, you will find yourself getting there soon enough.

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