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IBOtoolbox Press Release Formula

Welcome to the "IBOtoolbox Press Release Formula". Here you will learn in modules how to rank in search engines, create content for lead generation, and several tips for more engagement and results with your content on IBOtoolbox.


MODULE 1: Keyword Research

In this module you will learn how to find the right keywords to use for your Press Release. Using the right keywords are critical to knowing what people are searching for in your niche, and for ranking in search engines.


MODULE 2: SEO In Content

In this module you will discover how to write your content so the search engines will see it as relevant. Understand how to properly use tags, and keywords.


MODULE 3: Pics & Videos

In this module you will learn the importance of using pics and videos for your content. You also discover the details of naming pics and videos and what the search engines see in them.


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MODULE 4: Backlinking

In this module you are going to discover the best ways to maximize your backlinks. You will also learn whay makes good and bad backlinks, and where the best backlinks are.


MODULE 5: More Shares, Likes, and Comments

Discover more ways and ideas to get more shares, likes, and comments on your Press Release.


MODULE 6: How To Generate Leads

Here you are going to discover the formula for generating new leads when writing Press Releases.


MODULE 7: Bonus Tips For Ranking & Engagement

In this module you will learn extra tips for ranking, and for increasing engagement with your Press Releases.


Increase Your Ranks - Increase Traffic - Increase Leads - Increase Profits