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Seaching for ways to market your business, or perhaps you are new to marketing and wondering what’s ahead? Internet marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, or just plain marketing all work basically the same. What you need to do is understand the marketing skills list provided below, and begin working on improving your marketing skills.

Marketing Skills List: Six Types Of Skills To Consider Learning

When it comes to marketing skills, you will not need to mix this up with marketing strategies. Marketing strategies is one of the skills which involve many other skills, in which you will not need to learn them all. Marketing strategies are optional in which you choose, but the marketing skills list is for everyone.

Marketing Skills List #1  Advertisingmarketing-skills-examples

Yes, without this you are not going anywhere. Understand that if you talk to someone about your business, you are advertising. It may be just to one person, but none the less, it’s advertising. You need to learn the skills of advertising, and how it works. Learning who your target market is the best tip I can give on where to start. Identify who is your customer base, and find where they are.

Marketing Skills List #2  Lead Generationsales-marketing-skills

Similar to advertising, lead generation is a large part of your marketing skills list. By becoming an expert at lead generation, you can build a large business. Use marketing strategies that you know something about before jumping in to unknown strategies. Master one lead generation strategy at a time before moving to the next.

Marketing Skills List #3  Prospectingmarketing-skill-list

Prospecting is where you have a person of interest, or a possible customer. This person has shown an interest, but isn’t a buyer yet. You need to learn how to turn the person into a buyer, because people change their minds quickly. It is important you work fast when a prospect has arrived.

Marketing Skills List #4:  Retentionsales-and-marketing-skills

This is a big missout on many businesses and even major companies. They make a first time sale to a customer, and move on to finding the next. By not taking care of the customer you have, they will simply find someone who will. Retention brings that one person you have to make purchases over and over again. The more customers buying over and over again, the more profits.marketing-skills

Marketing Skills List #5:  Budgeting

When you operate a business, you need to keep a close eye on your budget. What you have to invest, and what is this investment bringing back in? Many businesses fail because of not budgeting correctly. Be sure you don’t upgrade your business unless the money is sure to be there and bringing more for it.

Marketing Skills List #6: Branding

marketing-skills-list Branding is the key to getting your business in the minds and hearts of your customer base. Branding gets you recognized and helps people remember who you are. Branding is a marketing skill many network marketers and independent business owners will skip over. However, the ones who master this marketing skill, do create much success, and even more than the others who don’t in many cases.


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Jaye Carden
Jaye Carden

Self Employed Network Marketing Entrepreneur

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    13 replies to "Marketing Skills List: Six Types Of Skills To Consider Learning"

    • Glenda Osburn

      Thanks Jay, For the tips i always learn something new each time.

      • Jaye Carden

        You are welcome Glenda, thanks for coming by.

    • Rodney Brazier

      Another very informative video Jaye. I would say I need to learn more about lead generation and branding. Thank you for all the great information you are providing free of charge!

      Rodney Brazier

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks Rodney, I do my best! Thanks for coming by so often!

    • Brenda Spencer

      Jaye, Thanks for the list that will help out a lot.
      I knew about them I just don’t have them mastered
      yet! I am working on them though. Thanks again
      for the great tips you give. Have a Great Day My

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks Brenda, yes there is many skills to be learned. Each has many sub skills.

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    • Doroti D

      I appreciate the form you are spelling out the topic so clearly! I love it! Thank you!

    • Jerry Wiseman

      Thanks Jaye with the great tips which I am working on trying to do. You always have great tips and ideas to help people grow. Prospecting, retention, budgeting and branding are great ones to work on always because once you get them you want to keep them around. Budgeting and branding is good food for thought. Thank you again for all you do. Jerry W.

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks Jerry, and thanks for all you do too!

    • Larry Ward

      Jaye, I always appreciate your tips that are timely and to the point.

      • Jaye Carden

        Anytime Larry, I always appreciate you visiting.

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