Are You Linkedin? How To Use Linkedin For Lead Generation

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how to use linkedin for lead generation

how to use linkedin for lead generation

Are you in Network Marketing and have a Linkedin profile, yet have no clue how to make it effective for your business? Would you like to know how to generate 500 leads in just one day? Either way, the Linkedin profile that you rarely use is the secret key to finding 500 leads, in just one day’s time. Here’s how:

Linkedin is a powerful website, and is a professional type social media. The average member’s annual income sits around $120,ooo. So I’d say goodbye to Facebook if you are looking for sales!

In the video below, you will see me share just how to use Linkedin to build a gigantic business in a much shorter amount of time than most could imagine possible.  Watch and take notes, because how to use Linkedin for lead generation is clearly explained and you only need to “fill in the blanks” according to whatever niche you are in. But the information in this video I share on how to use Linkedin for lead generation can be successful in any industry, niche, product, or service.

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So the keys for how to use Linkedin for lead generation are simple. Remember these steps as I mentioned in the video.

1. Create a profile, and keep it professional

2. Connect as explained in the video with as many people in your niche as possible.

3. Message each new connection without sending links or offers.

4. Join all 50 groups allowed, but choose a variety that fit your niche.

5. Create 10 groups and get them as laser focused on a certain niche as possible.

6. Use groups, and contacts as explained to grow your groups to thousands, or millions of members.

7. Use your advantage of 1 email a week to all members inboxes.

8. Linkedin PPC when used correctly can pull a great ratio of clicks to leads as well.

If you are following the tips and directions in the video above on “How to use Linkedin for lead generation” then you will see quickly an increase in leads, group benefits, and members into your groups. Once you have grown these groups, the 1 email a week can generate you 500 leads in just one day. This is a no cost method for linkedin lead generation, and should be practiced to it’s fullest.

Remember that the idea is to get the members of the groups to your “Home List”. Then you can email them as often as you please. Many don’t use Linkedin to it’s full potential because they find it almost impossible to just randomly connect with other members as they do in other social sites. But a lead generated on Linkedin will be the highest quality lead compared to any other social platform, and you now know how to connect with hundreds of thousands in your own niche.

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How To Use Linkedin For Lead Generation

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