Should I Always Be Nice And Helpful?

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Today I wanted to explain a conversation I had today with a gentleman, and the reasons why we should always be willing to help anyone we meet. You may of heard that if a person isn’t in the right mindset, to just let them go, right? Well that may still be wise in some cases, but from what I learned today, maybe we should always try to offer help, before we just mark them off our list.

I was calling my prospects who had opted into my webpages, or capture pages. I would call them and ask if there was anything I could help with, and perhaps show them how to get what they are looking for.

This one gentleman I spoke to mentioned to me right off the bat that he had no money, and he has been scammed before and doesn’t believe in much. Now usually this leads to a sour prospect who more less accuses everyone of being a scam artist, and then makes us wonder why they keep looking if they really believe everything is a scam.


Well I did tell the man I was not looking to sell anything, just looking to see if he needed help with a business, or to find one perhaps that would work for him. We exchanged a few text messages, and sure enough I learned about his history, and why he never made anything. He simply went for the wrong things.

Many people believe that working from home should not take an investment. Of course those who make an investment will have way more income to make, than those who choose a free source. Any business will take an investment. He has been exposed to mostly negative minds, and he is having a hard time believing.

To make this short, I invited him to a webinar training the following day and he agreed to come. He also agreed to speak to me afterwards. He simply just needed someone he could trust, not someone who would say nevermind right after he mentioned he wasn’t interested in investing.

So always be nice, regardless of what enviroment your prospect may be coming from. Some people have been lied to about network marketing, and they believe if you rely on someone else to make money it isn’t a real income source. Well we know that’s not true because many people are making enourmous livings from network marketing.

I am interested in seeing where it goes with this gentleman, and I hope I can help him see the truth, and what working for yourself is really about.

The point of today’s message? Always be nice, no matter what. Always be willing to help, and not always out just to make a sale. There are a lot of burned out people in this world, that would appreciate someone to show them how to make a living. And if it is you that can do that, they will follow you for a long time.

Did you enjoy or benefit from today’s message? If so, please comment below and share on your favorite social website and with your team. We all run into prospects like this, so help them learn the best way to handle this.

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2 thoughts on “Should I Always Be Nice And Helpful?

  1. Great video, Jaye, and I agree. We need to become trustworthy and likeable, a person someone can relate to easily. Hopefully everyone is doing this not only in their network marketing efforts but in everyday life as well! Thanks for sharing and I know your new prospect will see your light!

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