MLM is a tough business. Anyone in it will agree to that. However, it is not impossible, and it does not require some special born talent to accomplish success in MLM either. All you really need is a desire to succeed, and a will to do whatever work it takes to get there.
This is a large reason why many people go looking for a easy to use MLM marketing system. It helps them to build their business, and to help their downline build teams as well.
But, many MLM marketing systems are “too much” for the average Joe, or the cost is too high for people to risk trying it. So, if you find yourself in a situation similar to that, I have the perfect solution for you. A MLM marketing system that not only is easy to learn and effective, but also so affordable that anyone on your team can use it.

Get direct access to this powerful mlm marketing system

How The System Duplicates

To explain more about this easy to use MLM marketing system, I’ll explain how it is designed to duplicate.

First off, it’s so affordable all members on your team can use it. Plus like most MLM systems, it offers commissions to help earn extra income during your efforts. We will dive more into that in a little while, but for now, we will keep on the reasons why it duplicates only.
First your team member purchases the MLM system from whoever the referrer is. Mostly, the upline. Then the new MLM marketing system owner gets 100 genealogy leads sent to them. These leads are generated by the system itself. This requires no work on the end of the downline, making it easy for them to acquire good leads without needing advertising money and new skills.
As your downline works the leads, they have a way to keep notes on their prospects. They have the prospect’s name, email, phone number, and a way to even locate them on Facebook. This all is needed to raise the chances of contacting the prospect since the information could have changed since they loaded it online.
If your downline has worked all 100 leads they were sent, they simply need to ask for more. The leads are sent to them in batches of 100 without ever having to pay for them again. This also saves thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in purchasing leads. By having constant prospects for all team to contact, you simply need only to work your numbers. All who are willing to work the numbers will see great success with this marketing system in time. All depending on how much work, contacts, and willingness they put in.

The Features Of The MLM Marketing System

There are several advantages, and features to this easy to use MLM marketing system. We now know the leads are provided, and not needed to be generated yourself. However, that option to generate your own leads can be accomplished using this marketing system, if you chose too. Let’s look at what all features the MLM system provides:

  • Free Lifetime Genealogy Leads - Genealogy leads for MLM are the best type of lead you can purchase. The only lead that beats genealogy on average, is self generated leads. Here you have access to a lifetime of genealogy leads (plus 100 biz op leads) at no cost ever to you.
  • Capture Pages - With very high converting capture pages, one using this marketing system can easily generate their own leads. The leads will be very targeted leads, since the capture page appeals to MLM business owners. Every lead you generate, the system sends you 5 more leads instantly. Just a little bonus for helping promote the system.
  • Contact Manager - A simple to use CM that consists of name, email, phone number, Facebook, notes, and previous company.
  • Scripts / Training Vault - With scripts to use (or use your own) and a training vault full of prospect calls by the creator of this system, one can learn a lot about getting people to join the team.
  • Commissions - Commissions of $15 up to $115 per referral help to put more income into your business.
  • Autoresponder - Automated email messages go out to every prospect you generate, helping you to get a relationship moving. You can also create your own emails inside the autorespondor by Response Magic.
  • Exposure - Submit testimonies and be presented to every member of the system for branding and exposure.
  • Affiliate Tools - Banners are provided for online advertising (they are high converting as well)
  • Local Search Tool - Search your local area for prospects of any profession
  • Birthday Reminder - Never forget to send out that Birthday wish. Helps to build relationship with prospects.
  • Phone Calculator - Keep up with your ratio and numbers. Know how many signups and affiliate commissions you are getting per batch of leads.

There are several features in this MLM marketing system you will find useful to build a duplicating team. The features above are the features found in the resources section of the system. There are more features included that are non marketing features such as support, etc.

The Cost Of The MLM Marketing System

The one thing most people ask right off the bat (which is always the wrong way to view anything) is “what does it cost?”
Here are the prices of the system, and each upgrade you are offered:

P1: $15 One Time Purchase

This is the level in which all people purchase into the marketing system. All the features and advantages mentioned above in the “features section” are included with this small purchase. Expect about 20 leads a day to drop into your contact manager until you reach 100. Each time you have worked a full batch of 100 leads, you can request a new 100 leads to be delivered at no cost. Leads will drop around 20 a day.

P2: $125 One Time

After purchasing the P1 level, you can then purchase the P2 level. This gives all the features and benefits of P1, but your affiliate commissions are much higher when you are at this level in the system. Leads drop at 60 per day. This level is the best level for most people.

P3: $97 monthly

If you are at P2 level, you can join the P3 level in which all the benefits of the P2 are included, and you now will receive 3 to 5 calls a day incoming. If you are not able to make calls yourself, or would rather have people call you, this is the level you need.

The Commissions You Earn Directly

Each time you refer someone to this MLM marketing system, you are paid a commission for your referral. Depending on your level will determine the amount possible to earn from the system directly. This of course is not including the income will will make from your MLM company itself. THese commissions are paid directly to you via Paypal from the referral.

P1 - You will earn a full 100% commission of all p1 referrals. ($15 one time commission)

P2 - You earn a full 100% commission for all P1 referrals, and a $100 commission for every P2 referral. You are also able to earn any $100 commissions your referrals make, if they are not at P2 or higher and their referral upgrades. All $100 commissions made by P1 level affiliates will be passed up to the next P2 in line.

P3 - No special commissions are paid out on this level. You earn all the commissions for P1 and P2 but all P3 level referrals belong to the system. You max out on commissions when you hit P2. P3 is all for increasing your time building your MLM business.

Results To Expect

To satisfy your curiosity, I will give you a basic figure of what to expect from working this MLM marketing system. Keep in mind, that this not in any way a for sure thing. Your results will be different from others, and will be different from month to month and batch to batch. Sometimes the leads will be bad overall and not much come from them. However, keep in mind, you are not paying ever again for them, and good batches come your way as well. So this is the best deal overall for anyone who needs to buy leads for the MLM business.

One Batch = 100 Leads

Of each 100, expect around 1 MLM signup and 5 system commissions - one upgrade commission out of 5.

Some people people have hit 1 MLM signup to every 5 people they give presentations to. If you do this (and perhaps from time to time you will) you should expect 3 to 4 MLM signups from 1 batch.

Worst case of working a batch of leads - 0 signups, 0 commissions. (it could happen and will happen if you are working these leads on a daily basis)

Expect different outcomes per batch. But overall, you should hit the first estimate mentioned above if you land average results.

Testimonies Of Using This System

Out of the people who have been using this system, many stories of good things have came from it. I will not mention names, but the results I will tell you of.

From time to time, you will have people who said “No” to joining your MLM team, but purchase the system, and come back months down the road to be ready to join your team. In one case, an individual had been told “No” by a very successful MLM business owner. He did however manage to sell the system and get an upgrade from his prospect. This became a $115 one time profit for calling the lead. After 6 months of emailing the prospect and keeping in touch through the autorespondor, the prospect’s company had fallen. He then decided to join, and after just 1 week on his team, brought in over 100 people into this person’s downline.

Stories like these can happen.

They also can happen to you. Or like one user of the system, you may get to where you signup 170 in 90 days. This system can deliver results like these and have done so.

Most Simple MLM Marketing System Overview

You now know every detail about this MLM marketing system, except for what it is called. It is called “MLM Recruit On Demand” and has been around for a few years at this point. I personally use this system along with other systems for maximum results possible. You should see higher ratios with this marketing system as you use it more. We all get better at this industry with every prospect we speak to and every presentation we deliver. Use the link below or in this overview to access the system, and you will then have access to me if you need help or have question about the MLM marketing system.

Best of luck, and much success to you!

Click this link for access to the MLM Marketing System

P.S Want tips, strategies, and new skills to help you market your MLM business? Register here for the IBO Advanced Marketing Strategies webinar series, and check out some of the most powerful ways you can build a successful MLM business.

Jaye Carden
Jaye Carden

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    • Gangadhar Kulkarni

      Hello Jaye,

      I joined LeadsLeap MLM system 6 months before via your LeadsLeap review blog. According to my experience, LeadsLeap is a great MLM marketing system.

      Thanks again for sharing such valuable information about useful marketing system. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!

      Gangadhar Kulkarni
      DigiTechMantra Solutions

      • Jaye Carden

        That’s good news to hear Gangadhar. I like that system as well, good for traffic and built with the MLM model to it for commissions and leads. Thanks for coming by again, and congrats on joining that program. I hope it’s useful for years to come.

    • Robin Robinson

      Hello Jaye,

      Thanks for this video and in-depth description of the MLM Marketing System.
      I see all the the tips and strategies you teach in the Advanced Business Marketing Strategies Webinars.
      And I really enjoyed Thursday’s webinar. The content alone is why I come the
      credits are a nice bonus but the information alone is why I come. Also you have a
      great sense humor, whether you know it or not.
      Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

      • Jaye Carden

        Thanks a lot Robin! I appreciate the words and reasons for coming out. Looking forward to growing the webinars this upcoming year!

    • Taposh Kapuria


      LeadsLeap is a great MLM marketing system. I wish to join there next month. Thank you for sharing.


      • Jaye Carden

        Well I am sure you will like it there. Hope it serves you well! Thanks for coming by Taposh!

    • Dave whipple

      It looks to me like this system is used to market the system itself and not used to promote any other home business.

      • Jaye Carden

        No, it is designed to build any MLM or any style business that you would need referrals for. You can surely promote the system itself like I have in this post, but the concept of the system is to provide you people who all have shown an interest in network marketing at one point in time. Hope that helps.

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