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Are you looking for more ways on how to drive traffic to your blog? Or perhaps you are planning on using blogging to expand your business? Then this post will find you well since I recorded a Spreecast tonight on “How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog” and share the tips I use to get thousands of unique and returning visitors.

Watch “How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog” on Spreecast:

Listed below are the tips I cover and some descriptions:

1. Create a blog and keep it niche tight. Don’t scatter topics


2. Submit your blog to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others
3. Keyword research is critical. Listen closely to how you find the correct keywrds. Let the keywords be the titles, and do not keyword stuff. These tips help a lot but if you get carried away it will cause your site to be pulled from the search engines.
4. Ping it on the free ping sites I mention in the Spreecast
5. Backlink it using the tool SocialMonkee which you can purchase here on JayeCarden.com by clicking here
This tool will tremendously increase your traffic and rankings.
6. Use authority sites to backlink back to your blog. These sites will rank much faster and better than your own website will. Backlink the posts you share on social medai such as the link to the Facebook post share, and the Google+ post.
7. Share your blog on all major social websites. You need to register and begin followings to grow on as many social sites as you can. Social signals are very strong for ranking and traffic.
8. Use traffic exchanges and social sharing sites which can be found at JayeCarden.com/special These will increase your traffic quickly and help you build the following you need.
9. Always use a call to action for comments and shares. This will increase as time passes and your following grows.
10. Use IBO by clicking here. Free to sign up and you can use their authority Press Releases to gain authority and lots of traffic from the members.

These are the best tips on how to drive traffic to your blog and on how to drive traffic to your website. One major tip to keep in mind is to always use the pics, videos and name them correctly like mentioned in the Spreecast. Also staying consistent will help drive traffic to your blog much sooner and have you moving up the ranks quickly. Post often, and always blog on good, useful and vaulable content.

If you want to increase your social signal by amazing amounts, I highly recommend you use Audience Builder Pro which is created for putting your links out across all social media sites and updating it every 10 minutes. Many top earners and search result rankings are using this. Get it now by clicking here.

Did you get value from this post and Spreecast? If so, please comment below and share on your favorite social media website.


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