How To Become Desirable In Your Network Marketing Business

Since you joined your first network marketing business, does it seem that people are avoiding you? Do your friends and family try to cut you off, or reject you when you bring up your business? This is really nothing new, or only you deal with. But after you learn this huge tip on becoming more desirable in your network marketing business, you’ll begin seeing different outcomes when you bring up your business from here on out.

Why Are Some Hunted Down While Others Seek?

You’ve seen those in our profession that have people always coming to them, asking them to sign them up. Why can’t that be you? What do they know or do that you don’t?
The truth is they use a different method and approach then most people. They don’t have to beg anyone, because they have success to speak for them.
The way you are going to get this same mojo, is by sharing more value, becoming the expert, and working your business in a different way. To help you get a full understanding of how this works, I am going to break it down into pieces to explain.

Start By Stoppingnetwork-marketing-desirable

I know you were told to make a list of everyone you know, and pitch the business to them. But from here out, if everyone knows, let it go. Do not keep telling them, or trying to excite them. This will drive them further away.
From here out you will want to focus on your cold market instead. This of course is the people who do not know you. The fact that they do not know you, is where you can actually get results. They do not know your past, failures, and will only know you in a business aspect.
How to find the people who you need to prospect can be learned on other blogs I’ve written, which can be accessed on or searched for on my website. That is a subject all of it’s own. But approaching cold market will be where you will get your first signups.

Giving Value

From now one, instead of blasting the company you are working with, try sharing good information that helps people. This can be something like this blog post, or a video on generating leads. Sharing value is how you get people to read, watch, and listen to you.
BY simply attending webinars, reading, and focusing on learning all you can about this industry, will make it possible for you to give more value. So basically, become a student and teacher, so you have value to give to the marketplace.

The Strategies

You need to pick one or two strategies that you can use to generate leads. Some good examples are blogging, videos, articles, social media posting, or even webinars you host yourself. We even now have the ability to give live broadcasts straight from our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so I would recommend using these strategies to share the value you are gaining.
As you begin generating leads with the strategy of choice, you then can begin another. The idea is to have as many strategies as possible in place, all which generate leads. But, if you do not get a strategy to work before adding more, it can become overwhelming for some. So start with a couple you know you’d be good at, and get to work.

Stay Consistent

Staying consistent with your strategies will be the best way to generate new leads. Just doing a blog, or a video from time to time will never pull enough. So make it a point to create a new piece of content everyday, or a few times every week while you are prospecting your cold market. This shows you are serious, it shows you work, and it is more attractive to prospects. Also, this consistency helps you to get ranked on search engines and on Youtube when people go searching for the topics you are covering. If you are not consistent, you will see very slow or no results at all. If you are consistent, you will see results much quicker, sometimes within a few weeks of beginning.

more-desirable-network-marketingBuild A List

As you give the value to the strategies you have chosen, you will want to have some method of capturing the names and emails (sometimes phone numbers) of the prospects that are loving your content.
This is what you call list building. Building a list of people who are looking for what you have, instead of a list of friends who are not interested. Having their emails, and/or numbers, make it possible for you to stay in communication, build relationships, and share the value with your list.
The more valuable your prospects see you are in the emails you send them, the more likely they are to join your team, or buy products that you send out in emails. Keeping the emails to the 80/20 rule is important. This means 80% of your emails should contain no sale, but rather information that helps your list. 20% can offer a sale or something that would benefit you as the sender.

Prospect, Prospect, Prospect

While you work hard behind the scenes building your list and working your strategies, you also need to be speaking to cold market. Here is where you work the numbers. Making as many calls as possible to reach prospects, knowing 1 in so many will join you.
The best way, and easiest way, to do this is by using a system called “MLM Recruit On Demand”
This system will give you endless prospects, all who are interested or were interested at one time in network marketing. This of course means you need less prospects to get a signup. It’s easy, fast, and can build a massive team quickly if you are willing to work the leads they send.
Once you have built a small team of cold market, your warm market will see you having success. This in turn will make them want to join you more. This is the first steps in becoming more desirable in network marketing, because you are actually getting results. Now, just do the same routine over and over everyday, and success is coming soon.

Overview And Resources To Help

Finding success in network marketing is actually easy, if you are willing to do the work that is uncomfortable. Prospect your cold market daily, and as many as possible to build a team faster. Then, during the hours in which you can not call, use that time to work on learning new strategies and content that you can share in your own strategies. Learn it, then teach it back.
Stay consistent with building your list and prospecting. Both help to build the list, and both are important to become the hunted one day soon.


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P.S Hope this helps you understand how to become more desirable in network marketing. If all of this is new to you, simply continue reading more of my blogs to learn more details on network marketing and all the strategies that go with it. Best of luck! Be sure to leave a comment and share this on your favorite social site and with your team!

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