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For this post, I want to lay out what you could call a “blue-print” for online success in network marketing. It is the steps anyone can follow, and find success if they follow them day to day consistently.

The steps you take each day are very important in your success with network marketing. Take them seriously, and work them daily. If there are steps mentioned in this layout that you are not taking, then consider adding them as quickly as possible if you want to create 6 figures or more in network marketing.

Step 1: Email - This step is taken both in the start of your day, and at the very end. Do not spend too much time on emails, and hit only those important. Don’t spend over half an hour on email checking, unless there is money in the email or is a must. This step can also be outsourced later down the road.

Step 2: Prospecting - This is the real money making activity in network marketing. Active prospecting is where you are reaching out to people inviting them to look at your business presentation. You want to get as many presentations out each day as possible, so spend most of your day with this activity, and save all the marketing and lead generation activity for the days, and hours in which calls can not be made.

Step 3: Social Media - There is money to be made in social media for sure. You can really build a brand for yourself this way. Messaging people online, and engaging in a typed conversation can pass as an active prospect. If this leads to a presentation, it yields the same result as a phone call or hand shake.

Step 4 - Marketing - This is where you are either online, or offline, promoting something or looking to generate new leads for active prospecting. There are many ways to do your marketing step, and below I will list the several ways I personally market, and how I generate leads with the strategies I use.



It is wise to run as many marketing strategies as all possible. There are ways to increase the amount of marketing strategies you use, without stopping the main goals at making money. Let’s look into those and some tips to make it fit into your day.

Email marketing - Different from checking email. This is where you send out an email with either a message, or an offer to a list of subscribers you personally built. This is where the big bucks are made, as you can run affiliate offers, courses, webinars, and other income related topics. If your list is targeted to what you offer, and you are educated on successful email marketing, then you’ll see profits. This step is about 10 minutes of the day, but must be added in.

Paid Ads - It takes only time to set them up. I like to run ads on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Those are the best sites I know so far. Keep at least one ad or more running at all times once the budget is available for it. Always work to improve your ads. You can also look into solo ads, which are great to run for special offers and events, such as a webinar you’d like to promote.

Blog - Also know as content creation, a personal blog is the first place you start. A website dedicated to you, and designed like a pro to capture new leads. As you see on this one, there is a few free offers, and banners, to capture new leads.

Video - Creating video is another step in your marketing you should consider adding to the mix. It takes only a small amount of time to create, and they are great for adding to your blog, other articles, and of course getting leads directly from Youtube and other video hosting sites.

Articles - Unlike a blog, articles are pieces of content you create for other websites. Usually websites that are great for network marketing content are Linkedin, IBOToolbox, and MLMGateway. You can backlink your articles to lead back to your main website or branded blog, and put links to offers in them.

Traffic Exchanges - These sites are almost always misused by the members. It seems they can’t get results with them, or very often for some. Yet, they are now used to drive traffic to your blog (better ratings) and even earn an additional side income. I can pay for most of my ads with the commissions I earn from a couple of these exchanges. I will leave these sites open all day on a laptop that I am not using, so I can run more free ads for credits I earn. This keeps the time spent on these from interfering with my daily money making work activities.

Social Media Posting - At the beginning of each hour, try to either post a new update on all your social accounts, or have them pre-scheduled from the day before. Using consistent posting helps to continue to grow your audience. Paid ads also play a big role in this step of marketing, and help a lot with keeping engagement moving.



One huge step to consider for network marketing success, is to always plan new events, or projects you can work on. For me, a new webinar I host is a good way to create new funnels to publish, ads to run, and something I can promote that has an end goal in mind.

A project with an end goal in mind needs to be focused on about once a week, or if you are an early starter, try a monthly goal to work on. Some type of side project that will come to an end, but will bring a large amount of leads, or benefit to your business.

Let’s look at some ideas for weekly goals:

Host Webinars: Hosting your own webinars does not have to be something you think will take years to get to. You can host your own webinar on anything you want. Just use something you learned recently, or know a lot about, that others could get benefit from by attending or getting the replay. Webinars always bring the highest amount of sales per attendee, than any other marketing strategy, so they are my #1 choice for weekly goals or projects.

Create A Product - Right now, digital info products are big. Especially in the “work from home” niche. So putting together a series of videos and/or content on something you can teach someone, is big. I have created my own product before, and about to create my second by the end of this month. These goals are great to work on late at night, or on a Sunday (I no longer call on this day). Also, it gives me (or you) another income source, or reason to build another customized funnel for sales, leads, and branding purposes.

Create Your Own Presentation - Yep. You could even create a presentation by yourself, and introduce your MLM company to prospects, or perhaps other affiliate programs you have. Sometimes, we can get higher results this way, as our prospect thinks of you as the “go-to” guy for this opportunity after seeing you as the one doing the online presentation. I realize some companies may not allow this without permission, and some will. It’s ideas only, the ones I have used or still use, so use them if you like.



If you have not the tools to do these strategies and tactics mentioned above, I will leave a resource link for you where all things can be accessed in one place. It is the same source I use, and allows me to create blogs (as many as I need) that also include SEO made features, widgets designed for marketing in mind, and a way to generate my own leads as well.

Funnels can be used by default offers, or create your own with the same system I use. Customized funnels are extremely powerful, and brand you more.

Offers of all kinds for our niche can be used in any way you like. Plus you have the rights to sell other top earner training products to your team, or other networkers, and keep the full amount of the sale to yourself.

This system is the ultimate system for network marketers and internet marketers - you can test it out for 10 days using this link


Look into more ways to use your time to be most effective and produce more results with the “23 Productivity Secrets”


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