Becoming Successful In Life: Importance Of Having A Vision

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There is a big reason why some people find success in their lives, while others have no success. Have you ever wondered what that reason is or could be? In this article I will share with you what successful people do in order to find their success, and how you too can do the same if you truly wish. Becoming successful in life, is all about the importance of having a vision.

A successful person has a vision. They know where they are going, and have made a plan to get there. Sound like something you have tried before and it didn’t work? Well becoming successful in life is not easy, and even the successful have failed many times with their plans. However, that vision they had, and a true belief and desire for success, kept them going until they finally did reach the level they were looking for.



Becoming successful in life is about failing as much as it is about succeeding. Why is this?
Because if you aren’t making mistakes, and failing, then you are not trying enough.

If you are searching for a way to becoming successful in life, there is a way to do this. You must be prepared for a challenge of course, but you must have a very strong vision. The importance of the vision is most important. Know where you are going, and finding it becomes more simple.


  •  You need an opportunity that fits you
  • You need to be prepared to invest in time and/or money
  • You must not be afraid of rejection and criticism
  • You must have a vision


Finding an opportunity is an easy start. If you are completely unaware of what is out there, you can contact me on this website and I will share some with you.
You must be prepared to make an investment in yourself. The best spent money is on yourself, so it is worth it. If you are unable to put a small investment into your vision at this time, consider doing projects that are more time consuming, and find a lot of time to invest into them. Contact me here if you are in need of this type of project.
When you do decide you are going to become successful in life, don’t expect others to be accepting of this. Many people you know, like and trust in life will be very criticizing of your decision. Which brings us to the last step.
Knowing the importance of having a vision, is what will help keep others opinions from effecting your work. You are doing this for you, not for them, so your vision must be stronger than their words.

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  • I do have a vision and have been thinking about my goals and what I should visualize for 2015. I need to fine tune my vision though.
    Ethel Van Zanten

  • Monna Ellithorpe

    Reply Reply December 6, 2014

    Hi Jaye,

    I always enjoy listening to your encouraging words in your videos. It is sad to see that so many give up so easy. A vision alone is not going to do it. As you said, you have to have the vision, along with determination and the will to keep on.

    Have a great day.

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