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Are you involved in network marketing, and using a blog to help build that business? Blogging can increase your network marketing signups and business partners indeed, but what if it could do even more that just that? So today, I am going to share with you - ways you can earn extra money doing the same work you already do using a network marketing blog.

Source #1: The Main Source

The main income source of a network marketing blog should be the income you earn in your network marketing company. If you are blogging about opportunity, or products, the blog is used to attract people who are interested in doing business with you. So to increase the income you generate in your network marketing business, you must blog consistently and promote it very actively.
Your network marketing company stands as your primary income (your business is you), and everything you write about revolves around bringing awareness to yourself, helping you recruit more, and more professional network marketers. This will serve as the primary source of income from a blog and will not be counted in the - ways to earn extra money.

Source #2: The LeadsLeap Widget

This is the little widget you see over on the right side of my blog. It displays a few advertisements on it, and a way for others to advertise their offers and opportunities on my blog (as well as thousands of others).
Much like Google Adsense, the LeadsLeap Widget pays you directly each week inside your LeadsLeap commissions. It is a free tool you can use, and it is much easier to get access to than Google Adsense. Google needs you to qualify by having an already successful blog of some sort, while LeadsLeap can be used by any of it’s members.
This assures you can begin using the widget and adding at least one source more to your income from your blog. If you join LeadsLeap with the link below, you can either be a free member which will pay 15% of weekly shares according to the traffic you generate. This goes up and down each week, but will pay well with only a few visitors each week. I recommend you become a pro member with LeadsLeap to receive 30% weekly shares from your widget you display.

Get Access To LeadsLeap Widget Here

Source #3: LeadsLeap Real Tracker

To make this simple to understand, I will explain what this real tracker does. It tracks links, so you know where people are actually clicking, and where fake clicks or bots are being used. If you are buying traffic, this tool is super beneficial, and should always be used.
The LeadsLeap Real Tracker also will generate revenue. Using it for both purposes, to track clicks, and to earn extra revenue, it becomes our #2 source on our network marketing blog.
Each time someone clicks a link on your blog (or anywhere you post a link) you will receive revenue based on how many clicks, plus time spent on the page clicked, if they click on any ads you chose to display on the page. It also helps to increase commissions directly on LeadsLeap, just like the Widget does as well. Start using the LeadsLeap Real Tracker and add a 2nd source of revenue to your work.

Access The LeadsLeap Real Tracker Here

Source #4: Video Ads

Every network marketing blog serves best if there is a video added to the content. For the reasons of helping it rank higher in the search engines, and helping to keep visitors glued to content. Videos also are the highest converting tool for visitor to lead, and even from lead to sell. So why would you not use videos for those reasons alone.
But, by building a Youtube channel, you can begin displaying ads. Google will pay you in your Adsense account based on how many people are seeing these ads. It’s their way of sharing the advertising budget with you for creating the content.
Video ads are much easier to get qualified for. Just continue loading and promoting videos and you will get approved. Or, begin using Youtube Live, and you may be asked to monetize your videos then. For me, I was forced to monetize my videos from using Youtube live in a webinar tool I use. Since then, it has generated me a nice little income from the same work I already put into it.

blogging-mlmSource #5: Affiliate Products

If you are in the network marketing niche, you should offer products that help other network marketers succeed and learn. These products can be sold, and promoted for extra content ideas. Many can even serve as landing pages for lead generation, and possible extra commissions.
I have found that selling affiliated network marketing products are even easier than getting people into my primary business. The reason is, because many people who visit my blog, are looking to build their existing company, not join another. But, in time, some of those readers do join me in other companies.
But, in the meantime, they purchase educational products and services from the blog. And the most revenue from affiliated network marketing products, comes from My Lead System Pro.
My Lead System Pro offers products from top earner in our industry, that you have the rights to sell as a member. These products range from 30% to 100% commissions. Sizes of commissions are from $5 up to $1000 per transaction.
My Lead System Pro offers way more value than just the products to sell, as they are simply just a bonus. But if you become a member, use these products to get extra commissions, content ideas, and even residual income on the side of your business.

Get Access To These Products To Sell, Or Learn All Features Of This System

Source #6: Branding Services & Tools

You can also offer to network marketers, everything they need for building a business online and branding themselves as experts. This is done with the same system as above, My Lead System Pro.
From Contact Managers fit for large companies, their own blog by WordPress, and thousands of hours of detailed education from the top experts in our industry, you will have more value to bring to visitors than most network marketer bloggers.
There is nothing that can not be accomplished with using My Lead System Pro, and by advertising it, or using it’s features as content and information, My Lead System Pro becomes most likely the largest income provider of all sources.
Giving it’s members all the resources, tools, and education on the latest marketing strategies, My Lead System Pro helps to generate your own leads, build your own list, and bring massive value to your content on your network marketing blog.

Get Access To Full System Here

Source #7: Network Marketing Leads

Of course your network marketing blog serves as a way for you to get leads for your business, but what if you could sell leads as well? Believe it or not, you could even sell leads that convert higher on average than most MLM lead suppliers?
This is possible with a system called the “MLM Recruit On Demand” system, which you can advertise on your blog in content or banner ads. You can find it displayed on the right side of this blog.
This system will produce commissions to you at $15 up to $115 one time. It is super affordable for network marketers to access leads for life, so it sells quite fast. Giving you extra commissions, and the people you need to talk with about your company and all your products too.
By adding this to your network marketing blog you drive up your revenue for the same amount of work, and also have a tool to build relationships with. A very easy and smart move if you are looking to add extra income sources to your MLM blog.

Offer Network Marketing Leads On Your Blog

Source #8: Coaching Services

If you are generating income in your network marketing business, or even from your network marketing blog, you are now valuable enough to someone to pay for your time.
Offering your time to teach others the things you know, that they can benefit from, is a good way to earn extra income from a MLM blog. Advertising it helps of course, but once you are seeing a steady flow of traffic and extra commissions, people will most likely approach you and ask for the service.
I personally promote it very little, but get clients from time to time. I have mostly worked only with people who reach out to me, but do have plans to add a banner or permanent ad on my blog to increase the clients.
All you need to do in order to be a coach, is to have produced a result in whatever you coach. As your career grows, so will your successes, which will enable you to offer higher priced coaching services and increase your client base.

Source #9: Online Traffic

Since you will be targeted network marketers, and other business owners a lot, having a traffic source to offer your reader’s is big. LeadsLeap is a tool that brings consistent, and real visitors everyday to it’s pro-members. But, you would have that if you use Source #2 and #3.
So offering the likes of Leased Ad Space is a good way to increase your commissions. Leased Ad Space is a very affordable product and service, and is a one time purchase from your visitors, and of course yourself if you chose to use it.
These commissions begin at $7 per referral and go up to $399 maximum. Just like any product or service you can offer, the one time sales will be more common to make than residual sales.
This enables you to give traffic such as solo ads to your visitors for the rest of their life, never to pay again for them. Network marketers use them, and a lot of your internet marketing only visitors use them all the time. So it serves as a good source to add extra income to your business using a network marketing blog.

Offer Traffic & Solo Ads To Your Readers

Source #10: The Pages Of Your Blog

If you are using WordPress, and perhaps several other blog providers, you can build pages to offer every visitor something. If they show on the top like on this blog, many visitors will visit another page on your blog. Using content to give value to the reader, and the pages they open to offer solutions to problems they face.
I have a traffic sources page, which offer several ways for my readers to get traffic. You can also offer this as well, and offer the top traffic sources online like I do. These sites do not pay a lot of money, but they pay. Over time it does become a check you would not turn away, so it is wise to add those extra few sources of traffic to your income.
These pages can also offer coaching services, or anything you can earn income from. It would serve as the most visited offer next to the banner ads you display. Just writing a piece of content is not enough to keep the commissions flowing in, but is helpful. Be sure to add a few pages for any topics or extra revenue sources you can offer your readers to prevent having a million banner ads on your page.

View Extra Traffic Sources And Page Setups Here

10 Ways To Earn Extra Money With A Network Marketing Blog Overview

When you set up your blog, or add ways to earn extra money on it, you do not want to do it exactly the same way someone else has. Using other’s blogs as a guideline, is fine, but you want to always add your own touch to it. Keeping your content unique really helps it stand out. Some bloggers do not believe in adding extra sources of revenue, and some do too much.
Find your own formula, add your own programs or ideas, or offer the same programs as mine in different ways or formats. Some will disagree with what you have done to your blog, while others will want to copy it completely. Just find what works best for you, and play around to see which ads, sources, and systems are pulling in the best revenue for you.

Did any of these ideas help or offer a new way to earn money on your blog? If so, please leave a comment below and share this with your team or on your favorite social media website.

P.S If you wish to add the most possible value to your blog, build clients and brand yourself, you will be best served using the MLSP system in your business. Learn what all it can do, and will do, for you. Take the test drive and see.


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      I have found source number 3 (leadsleap widget) to be an amazing piece of tool to get additional eyeballs on your website. I have posted a leadsleap widget on almost all my website and press release and as such a have picked up both additional credits at leadsleap and referrals as well. I highly recommend this site to you if you are looking for additional traffic to your online business.

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        That’s awesome you know about the widget Gary. It is a good way to earn additional income from the same work. Thanks for clarifying that!

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