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Perhaps you have heard of a social media type website, designed for network marketing? It is called MLM Gateway, and many network marketers use it for lead generation and sponsoring.

But, for many, they get frustrated quickly when they get more people trying to sponsor them into a new business, then they are getting people asking them about their current company. So in this MLM Gateway review, I am going to share with you some strategies that you can use, to increase the amount of people you get into your network marketing team.

What To Expect On MLM Gateway

If you have used MLM Gateway for any length of time, you know right away several people will be reaching out to you and asking you to join their business. But, this is not why you started using MLM Gateway, right?

So instead of getting the belief that it will not work out for you, you can simply use a few strategies on the platform and find that you can get people reaching out to join you instead.

When you are new to MLM Gateway, you will see several “leads” come in that claim they are wanting to join the company you listed as your company. Then you spend your credits to unlock them, and they just wanted to pitch you theirs. This can really frustrate MLM business owners as they do not like getting basically lied to, just to be pitched. Also, if you are using this approach, it may be wise to stop.

So expect as a new MLM Gateway member, to be reached out to by several people asking you if you are open or looking for a new company to work with. This is just part of the game, so remember to use it as a way to increase connections at least.

But remember, MLM Gateway will turn out to be a good place to sponsor new team members once you learn the strategies explained in this blog post. So expect it to appear like a spam site at first, but know good things will come if you stick with it and work it on a regular basis.

I Want To Start My Account With MLM Gateway

MLM Gateway Strategy 1: Become A Premium Membermlm-gateway-legit

One of the best pieces of advise I could give to anyone who wants to use MLM Gateway to build a network marketing team, would be to become a premium member.

It is best to select the 3 month option they offer, to make it around $20 a month. This is the best selection to get the most for your money and investment.

As a premium member, you get credits filled every month, that you can use to connect with other members, bump announcements that do well, unlock leads, and run ads on the platform.

As a free member, you can earn credits doing activities such as writing business announcements, and referring others to the platform. But as a premium member, when you do these activities you get even more credits for the same work. Making a premium member a much more beneficial account to your business.

Other advantages include being on the front page slot, and being part of the Featured Members page. This helps others to find you easier and gives you a little extra exposure as well.

So if all possible, select to become a featured professional. If this is not possible, then you will need to be more active on the platform to earn credits as much as possible. The more credits you earn, the more powerful the platform becomes.

mlm-gateway-reviewsMLM Gateway Strategy 2: Build Connections

If I could go back and start over, I would only focus my first efforts into building connections. I would just connect with others until I had at least 100 connections before I tried other strategies.

The reason for this is because every connection you have, gets an email in their inbox about any new content you publish. Also, when you message them on MLM Gateway, they get notified in their email inbox. It’s just like having them on your own list, so to say.

Connections are the most important part of being an MLM Gateway member, so use your first credits, to do nothing but focus on buildling connections.

Throughout this post I will share with you secrets, tips and tricks on how to get more connections without using your credits. The more connection requests you get from others, the more connections you get without spending your credits.

NOTE: Look for people who appear to be active on the platform. Connect with featured professionals, or people who have at least loaded a picture on their profile. You just do not send any connection request as it can result in a wasted credit if the person is not active on the platform. If a person is a featured professional, has written a recent business announcement, or is leaving comments, show the best signs of accepting your connection request.

MLM Gateway Strategy 3: Business Announcementsmlm-gateway-tips

Here is where you begin to see results with using MLM Gateway. It is super important to create new business announcements, as often as possible.

I personally have been writing new announcements every time I log into the platform. There are several reasons to do this.

First, every business announcement you write, gives you 5 credits as a free member, or 10 as a featured professional.

If you write your business announcements correctly, you will see results from doing this. Many people do not write business announcements in a way that attracts people to read them, so learn this strategy and you will find you get a lot more benefit from each business announcement you create.

Here is the formula for writing a business announcement that will get you results, such as affiliate commissions, and even new team members:

  • Have an attractive title (give the reader the benefit, not you)
  • Make the content easy to read in short sentences and busted up sections or paragraphs
  • Use sub titles in each section to explain what it’s about
  • Use a benefit to the reader as your link, to drive traffic

These are the basic rules to creating a business announcement that will get you better results. Refer to the video below to learn more on why it works, and to see it get put together:

read actual business announcement on MLM Gateway here

mlm-gateway-strategiesMLM Gateway Strategy 4: Run Ads

One of the best features the platform offers is it’s advertisement.

MLM Gateway only uses credits for actual visitors or clicks, and not with impressions. This is important as if you run ads that are not doing well, they will not use up your credits. Also, you can determine how many clicks or visitors you will get from every ad, unlike ads that use impressions (impressions are for every time the ad displays, regardless of clicks or not).

When running ads on MLM Gateway, be sure you are directing traffic to a capture page. If you are not doing this, your ads will not generate any leads, or very little. So if you do not have a landing page, or a capture page to collect the visitors information, do not run ads until you have it.

Also, if you can track your visitors or leads, be sure to track your clicks from MLM Gateway’s ads. Knowing who visited your offer from MLM Gateway, will allow you to search for them on the platform, and connect with them. One of the most powerful strategies I’ve used is connecting with members who replied to my ads on the platform. Once connected with them, they get to know me and it helps increase conversions on the offer they looked at. Always connect with any leads on MLM Gateway that replied to the ad you ran there.

Split testing your ads is another wise move when using MLM Gateway’s advertising. Split testing a couple, or a few different versions of your ad will give you more options to chose from. You will learn which version of the ad gets the most clicks, and conversions, and can become the ad you run permanently on the platform.

MLM Gateway Strategy #5: Messagingmlm-gateway-scam

This will result in the most signups, because it’s usually the last step in the process regardless if an ad or an announcement attracted the lead.

When you are messaging new connections, be sure to erase the default message, and include a message of your own. Nothing is more unattractive then the default message that is pre-written for you. It’s not meant to be used, but to be an example.

Be sure to use your first impression message as one of value. Do not pitch your business, or ask them to join anything. Always mention you want to use the connection to share value with one another, and get to know one another.

I will always ask a question at the the end of my message, because questions lead to replies. If you do not ask a question, you may not get a reply back. The idea is to get a conversation going between you and the new connection. If done right, they will be more likely to read your business announcements when they get them in their email inbox.

MLM Gateway Strategy #6: Your Profilemlm-gateway-secrets

This can be something you do right off the bat if you are able to, but for sure get it done before you begin building serious connections.

That is, create a profile with lead generation in mind. What can you put on your profile, that others will see and become leads from?

Leaving posts on the members area is one way. Since the first 5 or 10 show to every person who visits your profile. Also, include a video that is not your company, but one of your own personal videos. This will help increase Youtube subscribers, and can even be an offer to generate leads from.

The more business announcements you write, the more that will be seen from your profile. So be sure to make your profile one that can create curiosity, generate leads, and attract others to want to work with you on your team. Many people create a profile that promotes their company only. I would create a profile that get’s people excited about learning new skills, and working with you instead.

MLM Gateway Tips To Increase Results From The Strategies

Now for this second section of this MLM Gateway review, we will focus on some tips to increase results from the strategies mentioned above.

You may find this as a lot of information, but when all practiced daily, it really becomes simple to do.

MLM Gateway Tip #1: How To Get Free Connections

One of the best things you can get on MLM Gateway, are connection requests. This is because when a person request to connect, you are not spending your credits, but still connecting.

So here are some ideas to help you increase more connections, without having to use your credits:

  • Referrals – At one time, when you requested to connect with someone you referred, it used a credit. I personally reached out to MLM Gateway and asked if we could automatically connect with our referrals, and they agreed to do so. Now, you are not connected with your referrals, but do not use a credit to send the request. So always send a request to anyone you refer to the platform, as it is free.
  • Business Announcements – In your business announcements, ask for connections. If your business announcement gets a lot of attention, you will get new connection requests from it. But even more if you make a small piece at the end and ask for connection requests from the readers.
  • Commenting – Each day you log into MLM Gateway, be sure to read a few business announcements, and leave good comments. The reason is because not only will the writer see you, and possibly request to connect, but so will the readers of that announcement. So look for the announcements you believe most people will read, and start there leaving actual real, and good comments. Never leave crappy comments on any piece of content.
  • Social Media – Yes, by using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other platforms, you not only increase referrals for MLM Gateway, but also attract connection requests from those who already use the platform. When other network marketers see you are on MLM Gateway, by promoting your business announcements or promoting the platform in general, they will either become a referral or reach out and connect. Either way, it’s a free connection for you.

MLM Gateway Tip #2: Who Replied To Your Ad?

As mentioned above, but in case you didn’t see it, you can always look up those who reply to your ads if you tracked your ads. I have a way to track my leads, and know where each lead came from.

Whenever someone comes from a MLM Gateway ad, I always get on the platform and look for their profile. Once I found it, I reach out and send a connection request. After they accept it, I will then bring up the fact they clicked on my ad and filled out the form. This has helped create rapport with the lead, and even resulted in signups. People will work with, and purchase from those they know, like and trust. So always improve that know, like and trust when you get the chance.

mlm-gateway-tips-and-tricksMLM Gateway Tip #3: Promote Your Content

One way to really increase your referrals, connections, and credits, is to promote your business announcements you write on other social media platforms.

Each time you create a new business announcements on MLM Gateway, make a post on Facebook sharing it there. Tweet it out, Pin it up on Pinterest, and share it as much as you possibly can online. This helps to increase the amount of exposure your content gets, for SEO purposes. It also increases referrals to the MLM Gateway platform for credits and commissions.

The more you share your content you write on MLM Gateway, the more you get from it. But you can also promote the platform in general using these platforms as well. But nothing works as good as sharing one of your most attractive business announcements that got a lot of engagement.

MLM Gateway Tip #4: Consistency 

Just like with anything, consistency is the key to making any strategy work. Staying consistent with your daily activities on MLM Gateway, is what makes it perform for you best.

Each time you log on, be sure to write a new business announcement. This keeps credits coming, and help connect with more people and get more ads views. Along with earning more credits, people begin to recognize you more, as you are always the one giving the most value they see.

Running ads, writing content, messaging and connecting, all do best when are practiced consistently.

MLM Gateway Tip #5: Bump It Back Upmlm-gateway-business-announcements

Did you write a business announcement that seemed to get a lot of attention?

When you get business announcements that get a lot of engagement, or has managed to get you sales or signups, then be sure to “bump it up” back to the top of the page. This feature is offered for 10 credits, and can be worth it if your announcement did well the first time it was up.

Every business announcement will soon run dry, and no longer get seen by the members as new content is published. So, be sure to give it a fresh new start, getting more new people to see it. When I did this in the past with one of my strongest announcements, it was like it did just as well the second time up, getting the same amount of results as it did the first time. Well worth just 10 credits.

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MLM Gateway Review: Strategies For Building A Network Marketing Team Overview

When the strategies above are practiced consistently, results do begin to happen. MLM Gateway is a great place to increase your commissions either directly from the platform, or from promoting tools and resources you use in building your MLM business. It’s also a good place to meet new people who are indeed looking for a new project to work on.

If you practice the strategies above according to what I’ve shared, there is no reason you can’t begin seeing more leads for your business. Write announcements every time you log in. Connect with a few new people everyday. And be sure you keep an ad running everyday as well.

Be sure to also use the tips mentioned above to increase the overall results of the platform. Getting more people to connect with you, or more people visiting your profile, is a good way to find that person who is looking to get into a new company. If I ever create a business announcement that gets a lot of engagement, it also gets new signups and commissions. So when these happen for you, remember to bump it back up.

P.S If you want to have an automated way to close leads into paying customers and business partners, take this free tour and see how the most powerful, fully automated MLM recruiting system works. Best for those who hate to close prospects, or are not wanting to sponsor people in person.




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