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It may come as no surprise, that being in a network marketing business will require you to prospect people in order to build a team. But why is it so difficult to find quality prospects?

In today’s post I am going to share with you 7 ways to increase your network marketing prospects, so you can build a team in your business. All you got to do, is follow these simple to understand strategies, and you will find there are plenty enough prospects to succeed in your network marketing business.

The Rules Of Prospecting

First thing to know about network marketing prospecting, is there is a specific rule to learn. That rule is, it takes several to get just one. So no matter what strategy you follow, you will find that no of them produce team members with every prospect.

Some strategies do work better than others, and produce higher quality prospects. This means that the strategy will also produce less prospects if it takes fewer to get a result.

The rule behind network marketing prospecting is to simply do a lot of it. Look for ways to increase your network marketing prospects, and you will find that doing so works at building your team.

So do not get discouraged when sometimes you go through 100 prospects to get just one. As long as you can go through those hundred prospects in one day, then you will build a team rather fast.

increase-network-marketing-prospectsNetwork Marketing Prospecting 1: Strangers

Strangers are all around us, and most network marketers do not take this seriously. Many are too scared to prospect a stranger, mostly because they do not know how to do it the right way.

You need to ask people you meet if they are “open” to looking at your business. You never want to cover the details of the business with them, as this will hurt you more than help. The saying goes “Say less to more people” and it holds true.

If you meet someone who seems like a good person for your team, simply ask them “Would you be open to making extra money if it doesn’t interfere with what you currently do”, and that’s it.

Refer to the video below for full script and how to approach strangers in public, and turn them into network marketing prospects and possibilities.

Network Marketing Prospecting 2: Social Media

This may come as no surprise, or one that you already are using.

But truth is, there is a formula to using social media to increase your amount of network marketing prospects.

One way is through connecting with new people, and asking them if they are open to looking at your business. Just like prospecting strangers above, if this person on social media is a stranger, you want to work with the prospect the same way.

The other form is though using your posts on social media.

Placing new updates on your social profiles, can get people coming to you from time to time.

To increase the amount of network marketing prospects on social media, you need to always be reaching out to those who view your posts, or engage with it in some way. This is a real ice breaker, and opens the doors to reach more people each day about your business.

Network Marketing Prospecting 3: Genealogy Leads

This strategy at increasing your network marketing prospects, is for the aggressive and serious network marketer.

It may be one of the easiest ways to get prospects looking at your business on a daily basis, and you will find that there is a lot less rejection from the people you prospect this way.

Genealogy leads are people who have joined a network marketing business before. They know the culture, and usually like it. Some will not be open again to it, but most of the time, you find they are either happy where they are or are open.

Using genealogy leads, I signed up 24 people in just 20 days. Nothing more than just using genealogy leads. I still get signups from time to time and most of them come from genealogy leads.

The best way to get genealogy leads without needing to buy them over and over again, is through the use of the MLM Recruit On Demand System.

I use it, and if used everyday, will build a large team. Consider adding genealogy leads to your strategies today, and increase the quality of your prospects.

Network Marketing Prospecting 4: Paid Advertisingways-to-increase-network-marketing-prospecting

If you are looking for the quickest way to get network marketing prospects looking into your business, then paid advertising would be key.

There are many forms of it online, and offline.

The most common ways are social media ads on different platforms, classifieds ads online, banner and text ads, and of course Pay Per Click (PPC).

Look at what your advertising budget will be, and then you can determine which avenues will bring you the best results. In my team, we use a template on classified sites, and we duplicate with it very well. So each form of paid advertising depends on how you approach it, plus your ad title and text of the ad.

I would recommend, always running one form of paid advertising at all times to keep network marketing prospects coming.

As your budget increases, increase the ways in which you advertise.

Network Marketing Prospecting 5: Free Advertising

There are several places to get free advertising online. How well it works is the real question.

Free advertising can get results for you, and even get you signups. It has for me a few times. It gets me more prospects for sure, more leads, and even new team members from time to time.

However, it is the least effective for quality prospects, most of the time.

But since it is free, aim to use as many sources as you possibly can, all pointing towards one page, or source.  Include as many as you can if you have no budget. If you have little time however, paid ads would be best for you to work with if you have to chose.

Traffic exchanges, safelists, and even some social media type platforms like MLM Gateway can be useful for getting more prospects. These platforms also offer low cost advertising, so if you have a very little budget you may consider trying them to see how well they convert.

increase-network-marketing-prospectsNetwork Marketing Prospecting 6: Attraction Marketing

This will be the most attractive form of prospecting to most people. Attraction Marketing uses content creation, and value to attract people to you. It also produces the highest quality prospects one can find.

The reason, is because when a person reaches out to you, they are usually already wanting to get involved.

Here is a list of ways to use Attraction Marketing, and be prepared to invest a lot of time into making this work. They all take consistent updating and adding of value to make them work. But, if you begin seeing results with them, you’ll see why it is worth the work upfront to get these high quality network marketing prospects coming to you.

Blogging – Blogging makes you an authority in the industry. Creating your own blog, using your own name as the domain, can really increase prospects and signups. Adding new posts to your blog is the key to getting more traffic from search engines.

Video Marketing – Videos really help a network marketing prospect get to know you. Videos help also create you into the authority as well. Adding a new video to your channel, and including it into a blog post (like this one) is a super powerful way to use Attraction Marketing and increase exposure in more than just one avenue.

Article Marketing – Not the same as blogging. Article Marketing is where you put up new content on someone else’s platform, and not your own. Since these platforms have more traffic, and have a crowd visiting already, it is helpful to write value based content on these platforms, and point the reader back to your blog. Adding more platforms to include new articles will only increase your results, so use the most effective ones when deciding which places you will add new articles.

Webinars – Webinars are the most converting strategy available. When people signup to watch a webinar, they are most interested in the topic you are discussing. So get yourself a webinar platform, and use it to generate new leads. You will also begin seeing more product sales, and team members converting from the webinar itself.

Social Media – Just like using it to get more prospects, it can also be used for Attraction Marketing. Using your social platforms to drive traffic to your blogs, videos, and webinars will be another avenue for social media to help with. It will also help build your profiles and following on those platforms to get more results from the posting you do on them.

Network Marketing Prospecting 7: List Buildingprospecting-network-marketing

The final strategy to use when increasing your network marketing prospects, is to build a list.

This is done with the use of an autoresponder. AWeber being the most trusted name in this field as of now.

This will really help to convert “fence-sitters” over to team members.

Each strategy you use to increase your network marketing prospects, will produce you new leads. Take those leads, and their email addresses, and place them into a proper list.

For example, if you do a webinar and have an offer for a product but not for team members, you want to keep it on it’s own list. This way you can create new emails to be sent on a regular basis to just the ones who are interested in product. Having emails for those who want to work on the team going only to those prospects who have that particular interest.

You can create as many lists as you want, and include as many people on each list as you can get. So doing this will become so useful down the road, that every time you send a new email out, you get sales. Focus on starting a list as soon as possible and never let a possible interested prospect get lost in the shuffle.

AWeber will get more inbox deliveries that other autoresponders, and is most trusted by big names.

7 Ways To Increase Your Network Marketing Prospects And Build A Team Overview

If all 7 of the above strategies are put into place, your amount of network marketing prospects will be tremendous.

For many people, they only use one or two of the strategies above, and master those. For me, I use them all.

It will take time to increase the effectiveness of them all, but the challenge of being a business owner is never an easy challenge.

Talk to people you meet, and prospect them the right way. The video in this blog post will cover the 7 ways to increase network marketing prospects and even share with you the right way to prospect strangers.

Use social media to not just find new people to prospect, but using their posts to attract people to you.

Using at least one paid advertising strategy at all times will keep your business at a steady growth, instead of an uncertain climb and decline all the other strategies may seem to do from time to time.

Include as many free sources as possible to get leads. Adding any new prospects to your list you build for your business. The more you can put in place will only increase the amount of possibilities you get.

Always be working on your Attraction Marketing strategies, as they will bring you your leaders, and highest quality prospects. Put aside a specific amount of time to tackle as many of the strategies for Attraction Marketing as you can.

Last but not least, all 7 ways to increase prospects should be build the list. Every lead, prospect, name and email you get, needs to be on a list so you can follow up with them everyday. You will come across several people in your career who do not purchase or signup with you, but would have if only they were thinking of you months later. This is why a list is so important to your success in network marketing.

Did This Help?

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